The Perfect Denver Princess Party

If you’re looking for a princess party company to bring to your girl’s birthday party, Denver Face Painting & Balloon Twisting is more than happy to help! We’ll make sure that your loved one meets the heroes of her favorite fairy tales, and that her princess birthday party is something to be remembered! Whether you need us for an hour, or for the entire day, we’re more than happy to help! 

We can assist you with all of your princess birthday party needs. Whether you’re trying to think of games to play, a favorite character, need some supplies, or just a few ideas that will make this moment truly memorable, we can help. Here’s a few ideas that you can go ahead and use for your little princess’s birthday party!



Princess Party Games


If you’re trying to think of a couple of fun games to play at your child’s
Denver Colorado princess party, here’s a few of our favorites!

  1. Cinderella’s Lost Slipper: This game involves hiding a slipper somewhere in the house or outside, and then giving all the players a few minutes to find it (5-10 minutes is just about right). The first one to find it wins a special prize!
  2. Royal Treasure Hunt: This treasure hunt involves lots and lots of chocolate coins, or any other little goodies you can think of, hidden around the party. After setting a time limit (5-10 minutes) whichever little princess comes back with the most wins!
  3. Cinderella’s Ball Musical Statues: This princess birthday party game is just like musical statues, but a little more “royal”. Play some regal-sounding music and have the princesses dance at the ball. When the music stops, each player must freeze. If you spot them moving, they’re out! Last one standing wins!
  4. Kiss The Prince: This game is a lot like pin the tail on the donkey, just with a small twist. Instead of sticking up a picture of a donkey, use a frog! Then put red lipstick on each player, or simply give them a pair of paper lips to pin on, and give them a turn trying to kiss the “prince”, or frog. Closest one wins!
  5. Musical Thrones: Just like musical chairs, however, the princesses are competing to sit on the throne! Play some regal music to match the theme, or maybe something a little more crazy to get the girls excited! After all the other players have been eliminated, last one to sit on the throne wins!



Princess Party Ideas In Denver


Need help coming up with ideas? Call us for help planning out the perfect princess party.
With years of experience, our team can help you plan out the party, bring supplies,
and come up with ideas that will make this moment special for you and your child!

Here’s a few of our favorites:

  1. Making Your Own Wands: Why not let the girls go ahead and make their own wands? With just a few simple supplies like chopsticks, paint, some cardboard, glitter and jewels, and maybe even some ribbon everyone can make an amazing wand to show off when they get home!
  2. Royally Themed Food: Need help creating a meal worthy of a queen? Use one of our favorite princess party ideas! Try using a crown shaped cookie cutter to cut out your sandwiches, a themed birthday cake, pink lemonade or strawberry milk, and setting the table with pink or purple plates, napkins, tiaras, and maybe even a candlestick or two!

How Does Our Princess Party Service Work In Colorado?


If you’re interested in throwing a princess birthday party for a your little girl and her friends, and would like to use our business, let us explain how it works! You begin by first making a reservation for the day and time you’d like us to arrive. We’ll also need to know which princesses you’d like to come, so we can arrange “travel from their magical kingdoms”. If you’d like help planning out your celebration, or need some princess party supplies near Denver CO, let us know in advance! We’d be more than happy to talk with you in order to make sure that everything is perfect!

When we arrive, we’ll begin by asking you where to set up. If you’d like us to run games we can station our princesses in a certain area, or we can simply roam around, greeting the girls. We can also stay as long as you’d like, as we charge by the hour. 

If you have any questions, or would like a quote on your princess party, call us today for a free estimate! We promise, you won’t regret it! 


Wonder woman and a little boy at a Denver birthday party

Costume Parties

Don’t like Disney princesses but still want one of your kids favorite superheros or movie character’s to come? We can take care of it, whether that’s Wonder Woman or Batman!


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Princess Parties

Princess parties are an awesome way to celebrate your child’s birthday! Don’t hesitate to reserve your kid’s favorite fairy tale princess today!


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Princess Party FAQ

What kind of characters can you play?

We can play all kinds of princesses and characters! Whether that’s Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, or Elsa, we can do it! We can also take on any other character you might like! Simply give us a call and let us know who you’d like to show up! 

What ages like princess parties the best?

Ages 1 to 13 seem to be most popular with our princess party service, however, we’re willing to come and celebrate with any age group! 

Do you have costumes for the kids?

While we don’t have costumes for the kids, feel free to talk with us for plenty of ideas! We can however bring supplies to make wands or tiaras, and have plenty of games to play!

Looking For A Princess?

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call today and we’ll take care of everything. Whether that’s simply bringing a princess, or some games, ideas, and supplies!

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