Denver Face Painting Ideas

Face painting is a fun addition to any kids party or event! It allows them to show off their own sense of style and share it with friends and family. But if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, or maybe just want a simple idea of what’s available, this page is for you! We’ll share with you different easy face painting ideas for cheeks, faces, and arms! 

Whether it’s dragons, mermaids, or even a fancy design for yourself, our face painting professionals can handle pretty much anything you ask of them. With a wide variety of brushes, tools, paints, and materials, we can make all of your designs a possibility. And if you’re not happy with our work, let us know! We’ll fix it until you’re in love with your face painting designs.

Here at our company, we strive to always provide you with not only the best service in the area, but the best ideas to! Here’s a few of our more popular ones here at Denver Face Painting & Balloon Twisting!



Denver Girl Face Painting Designs


Whether your daughter wants unicorn, butterfly, cat, or mermaid face paint, we can make it happen! With a a wide variety of animals, princesses, and fairies we can draw, we can make sure they’re in love with the results. Some of our more popular demands for girls also include full face designs, simple masks, or even just a couple flowers on one side or the other! We know that not everyone is the same, so we can customize each design so that it’s unique and matches the personality of your child.

If your girls are in need of a little glitter, we can always dab on a little “pixie dust” to really bring out the magic! Whatever request, however unique, girly, or challenging, we’ll make it happen. Here’s a simple list of some more girl face paint designs for some inspiration before your next birthday party in Denver CO:

Pony (Unicorn or Pegasus) – Kitty Cat – Fairies and Princesses – Butterfly – Flowers or Roses – Dolphins or Fish – Tiger – Mini Mouse – Lady Bugs – Sea Turtles – Wonder Woman – Dragonflies – Hummingbirds – Bat Woman – Bunny – Panda – Mermaid – and much, much more!

Some kids with a couple of cool face paint ideas.
Some kids with a couple of cool face paint ideas.
Some kids with a couple of cool face paint ideas.

Face Paint Ideas For Boys In Denver Colorado


While girls may like fairies and flowers, boys tend to like dragons, dinosaurs, and anything scary in general… However frightening, however crazy, we’ll make sure his face painting is something worth bragging about to his friends! Dog, tiger, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, or any other superhero face paint design? Yep, we’ll make it happen! We’ll also make sure we have whatever color he may need! Wants to look like superman but green at the same time? Yep, we can take care of it. However unique or challenging the design, we’ll make sure that your child is pleased with our work and truly feels like a superhero or their favorite animal.

If you’re thinking of throwing a party and want to make sure your boys are taken care of, we can help. With countless ideas and face paint design for boys, we’ll make sure everything is just perfect! Here’s a few examples of different designs that we can do:

 Snakes – Superheroes – Skulls and Skeletons – Dinosaurs – Wolves – Pokemon – Dragons – Pirates – Spaceships – Basketball – Bears – Mario and Luigi – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Sharks – Tigers – Mustaches and Beards – Football – Soccer – and many others!

Face Painting Ideas For Adults


Wondering if we have any cute face paint ideas for adults living in Colorado? Of course we do! Face painting isn’t just fun for kids, it can also be fun for adults who maybe like to show off their inner creativity. Whether we’re simply at a fundraising event or business party, or at an actual party for adults, we can accommodate to any of your requests and make sure you look great!

If you’re in need of a little creative juice to come up with that perfect idea, let us help! Our face paint professionals can take on any design. Here’s a few of the more memorable ones from the past:

 Leopards – Tigers – Skulls – Butterfly Designs – Werewolf – Scary Pumpkin – Mummies – Scar From Lion King – Tribal Art – Transformer – Ironman – Scary Clown – Dog – Country Flags or Colors – Witches – Yoda – and pretty much anything else you can think of!


Some kids with a couple of cool face paint ideas.

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DIY Face Paint Ideas


Learning how to paint faces is an exciting skill to learn. Not only do you get the chance to try out something new, but you can practice at your kids birthday parties or events. Here at our company, we’ve been practicing for years and have couple of tricks up our sleeves. Here’s a few super simple techniques and face painting ideas from Denver that you should try out! Not only will you be able to master these quickly, but as your technique gets better you can add more to them!

Our favorite easy face painting idea is the butterfly. Not only do these work perfect for girl’s parties, but they look great and are relatively easy to draw out. You can imagine that you’re painting two triangles touching in the middle. These extend out at forty-five degree angles, and cover the eyes reaching out to the top of the cheek bones. Once you’ve traced this out, you can fill the middle with color and add a little extra touch to the edges. A middle design can also be used, such as a few simple curving lines that represent antennas and a white or black dot for the body.


Turn Those Face Paint Ideas Into A Reality!

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