How To Make Balloon Animals


Have you ever wondered how balloon artists do it? How do they know how much air to use, where to twist and fold, and finally end up with a simple design that actually looks like a dog, cat, or whatever you ended up asking for? Well, welcome to Balloon Animals 101, where we’ll explain some of the basics of how we go about balloon twisting animals.

We want to show you how our balloon animal artist makes certain designs, but beforehand, let us explain a few simple terms. 

The Basic Twist: The foundation of all forms of balloon art. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a simple twist in the balloon and nothing else.

Locking Twist: A locking twist is a little bit different. This move consists of intertwining two basic twists with another at the bottom of the balloon. It’s used for ears and legs, and just like its name suggests, it locks these into place.

Fold Twist: This twist is is much like the locking twist, just without a basic twist at the bottom of the “locked” in section. It’s also known as a loop twist because it creates a large, smooth loop. 



How To Make A Balloon Dog In Denver Colorado


 A dog is one of the most basic yet useful designs in any balloon animal artist’s book. Not only is it popular, but it’s also a simple design that teaches you the basics before moving on to other, more challenging feats. It first begins by blowing up the balloon, leaving about one inch uninflated. This ensures that any Colorado balloon dog artist has enough room and slack necessary to make the required twists.


After tying off the balloon, the first twist to be made is a basic twist, about an inch and a half up from the end. Following this first twist, you’ll continue to hold it in place, and moving down the balloon about an inch, you’ll make make another basic twist. Now, moving down the balloon one more inch, you’ll proceed to make one final basic twist, and then tie this with the first to make a locking twist. The ears and nose are now complete!


Moving down the balloon about two inches, you, or your balloon animal artist in Denver CO, is going to make another basic twist. Repeating the same process as you did for the ears, you’ll make two more basic twists and finally tie them together with a locking twist. The front legs are now complete! Now, moving down the balloon another three inches, repeat the same process as you used for the front legs, and voila, the back legs are now complete.

Finally, to finish making a dog, you, or the balloon dog artist will go ahead and line up the extra balloon to make a “tail”. Your dog is now complete! Congratulations, you now know how to make a balloon dog! 

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While learning how to make balloon animals for your kid’s birthday party or celebration can be difficult, it is possible! With time, practice, and the right tools, you can twist up anything from a dragon to a simple butterfly with enough practice.

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