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Do you need some help planning out your corporate event or birthday party? Making sure that this moment is special for you and your loved ones is important, and here at Denver Face Painting and Balloon Art we want to make sure that your needs are taken care of. With plenty of experience organizing and participating in corporate events, fundraisers, and birthday celebrations, we can promise you’ll be happy with our party planning business here in beautiful Colorado! Let us explain a little bit more about what we do! 


Event Planning In Denver CO


Corporate events and fundraisers take a lot of time, energy, and planning. Let us handle the entertainment and cosmetic side of things for you! 

We’ll go ahead and make sure that your decorations and food are up to par. We know that communication is key, and as such, we’ll work closely with you beforehand to make sure that you’re pleased with the designs and food selection.

If you want us to go ahead and entertain at your event, we can do that as well. With a selection of services such as balloon animal art, face painting, and henna, your guests are sure to be pleased. Not to forget that we can also bring some favorite Disney princesses as well.

 We’ll be there beforehand the day of your event or party,  making sure that everything is set up and good to go! When it’s time for the princess, balloon artist, or professional face painter to show up, we’ll get them set up and put to work! Call us today for more details on our event planning service!

Our Denver Co Party Planners


When your child is having a party, it’s important to make sure that their special day is memorable. Let us take the stress out of it and plan it all out for you! Whether you’re looking for someone to find the birthday cake, or a princess who brings the games, we do it!

Our party planning business will go ahead and make sure that everything’s in place before you and the special guests arrive! We’ll work closely with you from the beginning to make sure that you approve of the chosen decorations and food. Additionally, we’ll ask questions in order to make sure that the party is styled personally for your child. Our birthday party planners also double as superheroes or princesses just in case your kid was hoping that Cinderella or Superman might show up! 

If you want balloon animals or face painters there to, we’ll coordinate with them so that they show up at the correct time, saving you money and making sure the kids are taken care of! 


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Event Or Party Planning

Event planning companies are a great way to take the stress out of your week and let someone else take care of all the accommodations. Call us today to start working on your party and to get a free estimate on our services!

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Event Planning FAQ

How Far In Advance Do You Need To Contact Us?

Depending on the size of your celebration, our event coordinators usually ask that you get a hold of them at least a week in advance. This gives them the time to make decisions with you, search out the required materials, and get everything ready for the big day!

What Ages Can Birthday Party Planners Work With?

Our party planners in Colorado tend to work with kids 3-12 years old. However, we can help plan for any age, including surprise parties for all of your adult friends!

Can Event Planners Organize travel Arrangements?

If you’re looking at greeting guests from out of town, we know that arranging pickups and arrivals can be challenging. Give us a call today to see the availability of our event planners near Denver when it comes to organizing transportation!

What Are Some Of Your More Popular Birthday Games?

This is a great question! While we can work with you and suggest dozens of different games to play, here’s a few of our more popular games:


With younger children between 2-5 years old, we enjoy playing musical statues. With a little bit of upbeat music in the background we get everyone dancing. However, once the music stops, everybody freezes. If you get caught moving, you’re out. Oftentimes a small prize such as a sticker or piece of candy keeps everyone happy, even if they didn’t win!


When it comes to kids a little bit older, between five and ten, our birthday party planners in Denver love to play Ballon Bop. While playing this game, players must each bounce a balloon in the air continuously as music plays in the background. Once the music stops, the last player’s balloon to touch the ground must be popped. A challenge is hidden on a note inside, and then the player must complete this to win his or her prize!


Finally, for older kids, we enjoy doing a photo scavenger hunt where players receive a list and must take photos of certain objects, or playing glow in the dark capture the flag! However old your kids are, we can help! If you need game ideas or simply want some help planning out a birthday party, give us a call today! Our birthday organizers be more than happy to talk and answer any questions!

 Looking For An Event Planner?

If you’re looking for a professional event or birthday party planner, contact us today! With a great team here in Denver, CO, we’ll make sure to take the stress off of your shoulders and guarantee a fun experience for the kids or attendees. Decorations? No problem. Games, we’ve got plenty of them! Maybe you wan’t help coming up with ideas, we’re your birthday party planning company! We offer quality service and ideas every time, and we do it at a fair price! Give us a call today and we’ll answer any questions you might have! We want to make sure that your experience ends up being simple and easy!

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We make cards too!

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