Face Painting & Balloon Twisting  In DEnver Colorado

A mom and son with face paint
A professional face painter finishing a design on girl's hand.

Who Is Denver Face Painting & Balloon Twisting?


We are your go-to face painting professionals and balloon twisting artists here in Colorado! With years of experience helping out at kid’s birthday parties and your corporate events, not only do we make it fun, but we make sure that your experience working with us is a memory worth sharing. In addition to professional face painting for kids parties and adults, we also provide henna tattoos, princess parties, and personalized birthday cards to the Denver CO area! Our goal is to give you and your kids a fun time and make sure that it’s done at a fair price! Feel free to give us a call at 720-513-2304 if you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them!

Let us explain a little more about what we do!


Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, And Other Services

Whether you need balloon modeling, professional face painting, or henna tattoos for your next party, we can do it for you! Here at Denver Face Painting & Balloon Twisting services, we pride ourselves on making sure that our services are professional, yet fun for the entire family! Whatever you need, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll take care of the rest!

Three boys with a Michael Jordan face painting.

Face Painting

Want professional face painting for kid parties or special events? We can pretty much do any design you want, whether it’s butterflies, princess masks, or a cool Micheal Jordan drawing. 


A young girl with a balloon animal fairy.

Balloon Animals

Wasn’t able to buy a puppy but still want to make your little one’s birthday special? Hire one of our skilled balloon twisters to make sure your guests get everything from fairies and swords, to that extra tall giraffe.


A woman's arm with a henna tattoo

Henna Tattoos

Looking for some henna artwork for that next girl’s night out or corporate event? Want to come home with a new tattoo but don’t want it to last forever? We can help you satisfy all of your temporary henna ink needs.


A little girl with a princess dressed in blue.

Princess Parties

Does your little girl want to grow up and become a princess? Make her dreams come true with a princess party! Featuring everything her highness could imagine, we’ll even bring a live princess! 


A personalized birthday card for a kid named Owen.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Looking for a unique way to invite someone to your birthday celebration? Check out our personalized birthday cards! You dream it, we’ll build it, and then you can send it out to make sure no one misses the special date!


a cupcake and birthday hat

Party Planning

Need some help coming up with ideas for your celebration? Whether it’s for your kids, your business, or a group of friends, we can help make sure that your party is one to be remembered!


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We’ll show up to your party with any services you’d like! Party games, face painting, and princesses? We can do it all!

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Professional Denver CO Face Painting For Kids and Adults.


What better way to make your celebration special and memorable than offering the chance for people to get their faces painted? With everything you can think of, from superheros to princesses and lions to butterflies, we’ll make sure that you love our work. Our face paint professional has years of experience working with kids, adults, and everyone in between. Whether you need face painting for your girl’s party or your kids, we’re ready for any occasion.

Our Face Painting Process.


When we show up at your doorstep, we begin by asking where you’d like us to set up. After laying out any brushes and face paint, we’re ready for your guests. You won’t have to worry about paying us per person or design, especially when your daughter want’s yet another butterfly painted on her face, we just charge by the hour! On top of that, our professional face painting team can take on about any request, making them the perfect crew when it comes to face painting for boys, girls, or adults who want something unique!

We always begin painting by first talking with you or your child until we fully understand the design. We then start by choosing where you want that dragon or butterfly on your face, and pulling out the brushes and paint. With a wide selection of colors we can make sure that your child’s Spiderman mask or cat whiskers are the perfect colors. Red, blue, purple, or green, we can do it. We also use a variety of thin and thick brushes so that we can move quickly, but also take care of those little swirls, lines, whiskers, or any other details you might need.

After we’ve finished your design, we’ll let you check yourself out in the mirror! Need a change, no worries! Our face painting company is always more than happy to remove the paint with a sponge soaked in warm water and start over. We want to make sure that your drawing is exactly how you imagined it. 


 What Supplies Do We Use?


 Here at Denver Face Painting & Balloon Twisting we make sure to only use paint that is safe for you and your children. We want to ensure that our work looks amazing, but we also want to make sure that anytime our team does face painting for girls, or boys, they’re safe from dangerous chemicals or additives. Our face painting company in Colorado uses only the best professional face paint available. By using brands like Wolfe FX or Cameleon, we ensure that they follow FDA and CSPA guidelines. We also sanitize our brushes and tools, and make sure that we only use one sponge per child (whether that’s for face painting or to remove previous work) as required in most states. 

Other face painting companies may resort to using craft paints and glitter for your children. Not only do these materials lack in quality, but they can also be harmful. For example, craft glitter may resemble the materials that we use, but they often contain small pieces of metal that can get into a child’s eyes and scratch their corneas or even result in ulcers. Acrylic paints (which you can find in any cheap craft store) contain a material known as formaldehyde. Studies have shown that this chemical can cause cancer, as it is easily absorbed through skin or mucous. Not only do these cheap materials lack the luster of our professional face painting supplies, but they can also harm your child!


How Long Can We Paint Faces At Your Party?


 As long as you need! Where we work by the hour we’re more than happy to stay as long as you’d like, whether it’s just our professional Colorado face painting service you need, or other ideas like henna, balloon art, or even a Disney Princess! Call now so we can get your spot reserved and add that extra face painting magic to your kid’s birthday party! 


Balloon Animals And Twisting In Denver, Colorado.


Balloon modeling at your kid’s birthday party can create a special memory for them and for you. Nothing’s quite as exciting as when a balloon artist transforms a simple piece of rubber into that dog, elephant, or dinosaur you always wanted. Luckily for you, our balloon modeling services are ready to help make your child’s dream come true and turn you into one happy parent. Maybe you even want balloon art at your Colorado business party or fundraiser! Whatever it is, we’re devoted to making your dreams become a reality.  


How Our Colorado Balloon Artist Service Works.


Whenever you hire our balloon maker for a birthday party, or event, or simply a special occasion, we make sure that everything is streamlined for you. Whether you’d like us to move around, greeting families and twisting up balloons for them on the spot, or simply station ourselves in a corner and let them come to us, we’re willing to accommodate to any of your needs. And if you’re worried about spending too much on balloons, don’t. We charge by the hour, meaning you won’t have to worry if that one kid wants 15 different animals made for him!

When our balloon twister begins working on your animal or desired object, we begin by simply pumping up the balloon with air, leaving just enough slack for the twists, and a nose or beak. Whether it’s a balloon artist for a birthday party, or simply a balloon maker who works on the street, you’ll notice that they all seem to do a few things in common. For example, they make the same three bends in your balloons. The basic, the locking, and the fold twist. The locking twist is what you see when you’re looking at the ears of your now pet dog, cat, or any other animal you asked for. A fold twist is used to create the handles on the swords that your boys always seem to enjoy! 

All balloon artists also seem to let a little air out before actually tying off the end. This is actually called “burping” and is used to reduce the amount of pressure in the balloon. It allows that balloon maker at parties to have enough slack to make all the necessary folds and turns needed to finish your design. It also helps strengthen the balloon and prevents it from randomly popping on your child during the ride home.


What Supplies Do Our Balloon Makers Use?


The basic arsenal of every balloon bender consists of their pump and balloons. A high quality pump helps us work faster, and prevents germs from spreading onto the balloon animals we make. It also keeps a balloon twister from running out of breath, keeping him or her in tip-top shape for your kid’s birthday party. Quality twisting balloons are also an essential part of balloon modeling. Not only do they have the required shape needed, but they’re also designed to be twisted, folded, and handled a little more roughly than the average balloon. 

If you’re worried about the safety of these balloon animals, don’t. Latex or rubber balloons don’t contain any harmful materials or chemicals that can hurt your child.


How Long Can We Make Balloon Animals At Your Denver Party ?


For as much time as you’d like! Our balloon making for parties service charge by the hour, meaning you have our full attention during your entire reservation. Whether you’re simply looking for balloon twisters for hire that can entertain at your child’s birthday party over a couple of hours, or the entire day at your company’s marketing and networking event, we can take care of it! Call us now to make your reservation!

Why Us?

Denver Face Painting and Balloon Twisting is professional, timely, and fun! We promise that your kids or guests will love us. Not only are our balloon twisters and face paint artists skilled, but they’re also great with kids and genuine. 

We promise you won’t regret working with us!



Skilled artist


Great with kids


Loved by Moms

A little kid at a Denver CO birthday party with a professional pokemon face painting.
A bunch of kids at a party with their faces painted
A dolphin drawing on a little girls face.
A very strong unicorn that has been designed by a professional face painter.
A bunch of flowers that have been done by a professional face painting company for adults.
A little kid flexing

New Year’s Special!!!


Want to make 2020 one to remember for your kids? Kick it off with a party that has face painting, balloon twisting, and maybe even a princess! We know how events like these can create special memories for both you and your children, and we want to make sure you’re taken care of! Reach out to us today to learn more about our special pricing for this month!

A little girl at a princess party in Denver with a woman dressed in blue.


Can You Entertain At Both Boy And Girl Parties?

Of course! Our face painting and balloon twisting professionals in Denver can work with both boys and girls. Superhero face painting? You got it! Princess makeup and wands from balloons? No problem! When we schedule your event in advance, we’ll make sure to ask if this party is going to be gender specific. If it is, we’ll make sure to bring the propers paints, balloons, and materials so that we have both the designs and colors we need!

What ages Do You Work With?

Ages 1 to 13 seem to be most popular with our services, however, we can work with any age. Maybe you want your faces painted at a girl’s night out or a corporate event. Or simply some cool swords and helmets and father-son event. In either case, we’re more than happy to work with all ages, young and old!

Can You Offer Both Services At The Same Time?

Our company is proud to be able to do both balloon art and painting faces at the same time! Just let us know beforehand so that we can plan accordingly. One team member is generally enough to handle both events at seperate times, however, if you’re looking to do both at the same time, as in the case of a large event or fundraiser in Denver, we’ll bring along a bigger crew.

Do We Need To Provide Supplies?

If we’re coming to your party to do some balloon art or face painting in Denver, you don’t need to worry about bringing anything! We provide all the supplies as we use specific materials and brands. 

For example, our face painters use specific products in order to keep your kids safe, as well as provide them with a fun design that’ll last for the rest of the evening. We also use special balloons. Our balloon artists in Denver Colorado like to use professional brands such as Qualatex or Betallatex. Their products come in many different sizes and colors and are meant specifically to be twisted and shaped into different designs. 

Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate fundraiser, you won’t have to worry about a thing! We’ll make sure we show up with all the supplies needed for a fun and eventful day!

Want To Hire Our Face Paint And Balloon Art Pros?

Give us a call today, or fill out the form above! We’d love to fit you into our schedule and make sure that all of your party needs are met! Our goal isn’t only to provide you with a fun time, but make sure that it’s all done at a fair price. 

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We make cards too!

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